Bloody Mary Mix Set

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Bloody Mary Mix

  • Set comes with one 7 oz. jar of Olives and one (of your choice) 24 oz. Bloody Mary Mixers plus the Missouri Wet-it cloth that absorbs 16x its weight and lasts approximately 6 m months (no more paper towels)
  • Choice of mixer : Standard, Cucumber Dill or Peppadew Sriracha (spicy)

Olives: premium green olives that we’ve hand stuffed with sweet onions and tart sun-dried tomatoes. Lightly brined in vodka.

Standard Mixer: a good amount of lemon flavor and just the right level of zesty seasonings

Cucumber Dill: garden fresh flavor of just-picked cucumbers, dill, a dash of horseradish, tomato and spices. It's nicely balanced, not too spicy.

Peppadew Sriracha: slightly sweet, imported pepper that gives this Bloody Mary Mixer its uniquely delicious flavor. Combined with spicy sriracha, horseradish, lime juice and spices, we created a zesty eye-opener 

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