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Sunstone Bronzer - Tanning Mousse

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Sunstone Tanning Bronzer Mousse

This product spent two years in the making, one was delays due to Covid, but we wanted to make sure the product was everything we wanted it to be and smelled nice too.  Introducing SUNstone BRONZer!  Just apply 1 application, with a hint of Coconut (due to the Coconut Water Ingredient) to leave your skin with a flawless dark color tan. 

Each bottle contains enough mousse for 4-6 tans (when used correctly) with a tan that will last for days.  Here is the deets on what to and to not do:

  • How do I prepare before I apply?
    • First off…you will want 30 minutes of ME time. Shower, Shave, Exfoliate skin and dry off.  Leave skin natural with no powder, perfumes oils or lotions.
  • Is it hard to Apply?
    • You will want to be in front of mirror (at least that works best for me) and use the provided Mitt (or a mitt of your choice) and apply 2-3 pumps of foam on the mitt. It’s best to pick under arm or thigh first and work your way out (in circular motion).  Only work on ONE part of the body at a time.  I sav my chest/neck/face for last. Note: When applying to areas such as elbows, knees, face and hands—I apply lightly and use a Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush.
  • How long will my Tan last?
    • One coat of SUNStone BRONZer will last 5-6 tans. To keep tan and be consistent in your look, we suggest to reapply every 4 days.
  • How long do I wait to Shower?
    • Allow 6-8 hours before showering after you apply bronzer. Best practice is to apply and wear loose clothing for a few hours.  The skin will dry in approximately 10 minutes after applying, but we suggest to NOT put White clothing on until the next day or 12 hours after application.
  • How dark will I get?
    • Each person’s skin is different, but this color is DARK. I am fair skinned myself and one application makes me noticeably dark, however the next day I even look a bit darker.  If you want to be darker than coat 1, simply apply 2nd coat over the 1st or wait until after showering and apply again.  You do NOT have to shower after applying. 
  • Do I need to use a Mitt?
    • If you don’t, your palms & fingers might be super dark plus the mitt gives your skin a smooth, non-streak tan.
  • How safe is it?
    • Our tanner is 100% Vegan and PETA approved. It does NOT contain sunscreen, so like your Mama taught you, protect your skin when out in direct sun.

 In Summary: 

  • No Orange & Streak Free
  • Light Coconut Fragrance (amazing)
  • 100% Vegan and PETA approved product
  • Comes with mitt for easy application
  • 1 Bottle is approximately 5-6 tans worth
  • Ships from Missouri

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